Make Your Next Move with REST.

Hi friends! Welcome to my first blog post! I can’t wait to share musical ideas and encouraging words with you!

So, I did it…I graduated college and received my bachelor’s degree in flute performance…in the midst of a pandemic. What an interesting time to graduate… shout out to EVERYONE for hanging in there!

Okay…so yes…I graduated. What’s next? Don’t we all have this same question for everything? For every moment in our lives, every accomplishment and milestone, through each rough patch, we are always looking for “what’s next”. This isn’t a bad thing! BUT do not forget to REST. Rest is essential. It gives us the energy we need to pursue the next and BEST step. How can you pursue the best of who you are and who you want to be if you’re a sleepy, stressed, and overworked person?

I have to admit…I’ve been there…

It took me a while to realize I needed to rest this past summer. Having graduated, I worked and applied to job after job. I wanted all of my dreams and goals to happen instantly. After realizing it doesn’t actually work that way, I allowed myself to rest. Rest was required in order to make my best move forward. As soon as I stopped trying to control everything in my life to the finest detail, I found my way and my next move. Literally, my next MOVE.

News update for those who don’t know: this Carolina girl is now a Virginia girl!

I received a job teaching pre-school and K-5 music with a private school in Virginia! Me? Teaching pre-school and elementary music? Who knew??? Even with uncertainty and fear, I knew that changing locations and such a job opportunity could show me more about what I wanted to pursue in the future! It could lead me to the NEXT step in my life.

Did I mention I am also teaching piano along with flute? Another adventure and another opportunity for growth! Right now, I am getting to do what I love most: teaching and sharing music.

With my life currently filled with music, music, and more music, I have to remind myself of the importance of rest. I am resting where I am, enjoying where I am, and allowing myself to grow in ways I have not before. I am finding that now I am more open to baby steps. I understand that dreams cannot be accomplished overnight and that REST keeps us on the right track to fulfilling our goals.

How can you make your next move? Maybe you literally don’t have to move states…but maybe allow yourself to take that little nap, make that cup of hot chocolate, or go for that major audition. Rest, take a leap of faith, and try something new.

Love always,